Rules & Guidelines for Posted Material


The Interdependence Project offers three ways to interact on our website: via the IDP Blog, through personal Journals, and on comments to both the Blog and Journal entries.   Please read the below policies before posting material on our website.    

The Interdependence Project Blog - Featured Articles
Writing posts for the Blog requires permission to post.  Writers for the blog have scheduled dates and times of posting, and are managed by Emily Herzlin, the Blogmaster.   These posts are subject to editing for grammar and spelling, but not for content, by our Website Editor, Nancy Thompson.   They are subject to the Rules & Guidelines as indicated below.  Please note, advertising is not allowed in our Featured Articles; we do not publish infomercials, advertorials, or endorsements for your personal business, service or product. However, you're welcome to include a brief bio at the end of your post which may contain information about your website and upcoming events. If you're interested in writing for the blog, please contact [email protected].

Write a Journal
Writing Journal entries does not require permission, but requires registration as a user on our website.   Journals are not subject to editing; however, they are subject to the Rules & Guidelines as indicated below.

Leave a Comment
Comments require registration as a user on our website.  Comments are not edited but are subject to the Rules & Guidelines as indicated below.

Rules & Guidelines for Posted Material on the IDP Website

The Interdependence Project Blog and Journals, and comments on the Blog and Journal posts, are intended to create a forum where you can freely express your views. Please understand that you are responsible for the material you post on our website. We ask that you refrain from postings that could cause The Interdependence Project to incur legal liability, such as libel, defamation, intellectual property (copyright/trademark) infringement, trade secrets publication, and publication of private facts.  Posts which violate these terms will be deleted.  In addition, posts that contain ad hominem attacks, hate speech, or threats of violence will be deleted.   If a comment is deleted due to a violation of policy, we will notify the poster and announce our decision in the comment thread from which it was deleted.

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