Membership Matters

As a non-profit, community supported center, we receive no grants and have no rich patrons; we rely upon your financial contributions to flourish and thrive. Monthly Members provide 40% of our operating budget, and enable us to keep our programming fees accessible. You also provide funding for our Generosity Policy, which includes offering regular free programming in NYC and online with regular events like the Metta Meditation Group, Sit Anywhere Sundays and OMG I'm White: Understanding Racism. These programs are attended by over 1000 people annually.

The Generosity Policy also provides scholarships for people of color and free admission to those with financial need. In 2016 alone, this cost more than $10,000 in registration fees.

If you've benefited from IDP, now is the time to demonstrate your values and show your gratitude. Become a Monthly Member and help us help others learn and practice meditation, compassion, and wisdom for all beings.

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