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Day 19: 21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge

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What do you think of the state of racial relations today?  Is it different than it was a year ago?  If you look at this survey from 2016, does it resonate?  Do you feel with all that is happening now are people more or less willing to talk about racism?

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As has been the case

As has been the case throughout this discussion, I have shared the views of the studies cited but am continually shocked by the degree of the disparities. While I have never doubted the existence of the racial divide or the inequity in things like income and net worth, seeing hard numbers just shocks and appalls me. Average white income is 13x greater than average black income? Even when accounting for factors such as education? I don't even have words for that.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

I think that given the media that is beating me up from all angles it is confusing to know where things are headed. The noisy people are either far left or far right and where the mainstream lands is a bit of a wash.

I think conversations are happening that have not happened before. I had no idea that Susan B Anthony had such a sordid view on people of color and that came from these difficult times. I marshalled a parade that was full of different local community groups of all representations and it felt incredibly powerful. Perhaps through the worst of times comes change, but really that is just my privilege talking. It is easy for me because I have been unaffected through the years while others live a difficult life every minute.

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