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Day 16: 21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge

Welcome to Day 16.  Missing something?  Go here to start Day 1 and here for yesterday
Watch this short video - We Must Talk About Race to Fix Economic Inequality. Also, consider reading Ian Haney Lopez’s paper on “Race & Economic Jeopardy for All.”
Consider how you might better connect race to class, and class to race.  Did this change your view on race and economics?
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Wow. I had never heard the

Wow. I had never heard the term dog-whistle politics before today. This is such a scummy thing. And I can see now that it extends so far beyond racism to sexism, elitism, religious intolerance. So many evils that it's almost overwhelming.

Terms matter

Dog Whistle Politics was an interesting view into terms that while I knew I had not put words too. I found this lesson that helped me go a little more into the idea: http://www.morningsidecenter.org/teachable-moment/lessons/dog-whistle-po...

The ability to talk about race in such an abstract way that I can forget the deeper message. Heartland makes you think of what color was such an interesting question!

Talking about race is uncomfortable and most of the people I know do not want to and don't see the value. The idea is that it divides us more than helps us. There is the controversy of Intersectionality - which I am just starting to understand. Is it better to acknowledge all the -isms in relation to power or does it water the impact of racism down by saying we all have some -ism applied to us. (Apologies if that is misstated as I am just getting my head around the two sides of this idea).

I believe that race is something that should be explicitly talked about. What do you think?

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