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Day 15: 21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge

Welcome to Day 15.  Missing something?  Go here to start Day 1 and here for yesterday

Watch this video that is based on the chapter "The Promise" in the book Longing: Stories of Racial Healing by Phyllis and Eugene Unterschuetz.  

How did this make you feel?  Can you imagine a time that you responded with bias or privilege?  Have you ever been able to have an honest communication like this?  Did it bring anything?

Post responses in comments section below.  We encourage you to share on Facebook and/or Twitter, too, with hashtag #IDPEquityChallenge.

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Too easy to forget

This woman's story was very touching. All the more so because, although I've never been in quite the same situation, I can imagine it all too easily. I live ensconced so deeply in privilege that it's actually hard to recognize it. Even harder, sometimes, to acknowledge the unfairness of it when this isn't something I asked for or worked toward but something that was simply given to me. It keeps on being given to me every day and even now I'm still trying to figure out how to share it with others who don't enjoy the same kind of privilege; I'm still trying to find out if it's even possible to share for more than a few fleeting moments on an individual level.

oh the heart ..

The closest experience I ever had with this when I was called out for using the word ghetto. I immediately apologized and realized how that word had such a different impact for the person than I had ever considered. I was surprised at myself at the time because I ha thought I was more aware than that.

I am pretty sure I say stuff that is hurtful but I just don't see it. I was touched by this woman's ability to listen, learn and see it again. She talks about how she didn't need to know it so she forgot about it and that rang true for me. The privilege I live in makes it easy to escape from all of this. It makes it easy to look at the problems from within my protected shell. However, those around me that are not in my privilege never get to relax.

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