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Day 14: 21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge

Welcome to Day 14.  Missing something?  Go here to start Day 1 and here for yesterday
Read this short blog post on implicit bias and de-biasing strategies, and/or watch this short video which includes de-biasing strategies.
Can you choose some de-biasing strategies you can start using now in your work and life?  How can we begin to unwind implicit bias? 

Post responses in comments section below.  We encourage you to share on Facebook and/or Twitter, too, with hashtag #IDPEquityChallenge.

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Bias is so hard

The examples of blue eyes or tall men ring very true to me but I would never have thought about that without this article. It is very pervasive. I was talking to a friend the other day and she pointed out this fact specifically that we have so many biases that are about everyone and everything!

So strategies I am using to try to break through my bias, the best I can.

Reading/Learning - as much as I can handle to try to see how my world has been affected by these unknown perceptions.

Interaction/Listening - trying to be around more diverse people and listening to their struggles/issues with the way they are treated. I am not looking for them to "teach" me because that is not their role. However, I have noticed just being around different voices I hear and see things differently.

I wish there was something like PopUp video that would ping me every time a bias came into play when I engaged. Although I am sure I would need a mute button out of exhaustion at times.

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