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Daily Connect: Fundraising?

At IDP's slamming holiday party, IDP's Building Bridges Capital Campaign went into full force. IDP calculated the cost per square foot of a community space in NYC and figured out that a single square foot would cost around $36 a year. So, to rally the troops, Ethan Nichtern committed $540 to fund his own workspace of 15 sq. feet for 2011. I committed to raise $540 by April 2011. $540?!?!?!!! This. BTW. Is terrifying to me. I think I'd rather eat glass. And I know I'd *much much* rather train for a marathon. However, something Ethan mentioned on Friday helped put the spirit of fundraising into a bit more perspective for me. To paraphrase: "Fundraising isn't simply asking for money, it's a opportunity to encourage mindful consumption over mindless consumption." I like this approach far better than the usual dovetailing of dana and generosity with fundraising appeals. How many $1,000s of dollars have I personally spent on mindless consumption (food, alcohol, trinkets, etc.) that was unnecessary if not outright harmful? So. Regardless of what you choose to spend your money on at the end of this holiday season, keep a couple of things in mind before that purchase: 1) do I need this? 2) is this an investment with returns? 3) does it enhance my happiness? and 4) will it enhance others' happiness? And if a resounding yes meets all of these questions, you know (you just KNOW) this is not a purchase you'll regret. And. Any tips on how I can get over my fear of fundraising? No. Really. (And wanna donate a square foot in my name? No. Really.)

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