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Daily Connect: SAD?

With some sporadic days of frigid weather, NYC had - up until now - a fairly warm autumn and beginning winter. No longer. Bundled head to toe and wearing a super thick hoodie and winter coat, I was still a bit cold walking outside this morning. But it's not the chill that really gets me in the winter. It's the lack of sunlight. Wow. The emotional vacillations experienced my me, myself and I during this time of dark, weighty grey put any roller coaster to shame. And although meditation can't solve *everything* I'm reminding myself that though this is characteristically the season hardest for me to sit, it's probably the most important time to actually do so. So I'm writing myself a prescription for sitting at least 10-20min a day. Easy right? Yeah. That and some large doses of vitamin D. And sitting in front of a light therapy lamp. And maybe a radiant heater.

Daily Quote:

The fact that it's in the nature of minds for storms to arise and pass away is not a problem...[It] helps in keeping the spirits up to remember that the weather is going to change. Our difficult mind states become a problem only if we believe they are going to go on forever.

Sylvia Boorstein, It's Easier Than You Think


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SAD is sad....

Oh man....I had heard about SAD from others throughout my adult life, but it never affected me much....until I moved up to coastal Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Canada.  We get basically 8 or 9 straight months of pretty much nothing but clouds, from September to April or May.  It's a whole different ball game from NYC, which by comparison gets a ton of sunshine in the winter.  I have been able to see how quickly and dramatically my mood and energy leaps up to embrace the exceedingly rare sunny day that happens here during these months.

I like the Sylvia Boorstein quote, BTW.

So I'm not the only one.

Thanks for sharing this. What helps me get through this time of year is keeping in mind it's only temporary. I have to balance that with trying to live in the moment and appreciate each day- not rushing forward in my mind until spring. I own my own business so I allow myself some extra time to sleep in in the morning and I realize that I'm going to be low-energy earlier in the evening than I would in the summer. It's a kind of virtual hibernation for me. I just go with the flow of the seasons.

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