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Daily Connect: More than Enough?

Last Friday my dear girlfriend lost her job. It was a fairly hostile and abusive working environment...and so...really...it was a good thing. But no work = waaaay less income, and so in a move of solidarity I convinced her that this was a perfect opportunity for us to test the ability to live in abundance in NYC on next to nothing. She's a trooper and decided that this was the perfect opportunity to get back into blogging and so, viola!, we've got a blog on the adventures of two girls in NYC living on $20 a day. Yep. $20 a day.  

I was kinda born to be minimalist. When I first moved to NYC, $20 a day was my budget. But. That was only me. And I thought I was being HARDCORE. I'm also somewhat of an oppositional creature and the poverty mentality of NYC just made me want to prove that this city was the city of abundance. Daily (free) runs over the Williamsburg bridge and then sweaty donation based yoga classes at Yoga to the People, convinced me that a healthy life of minimal consumption and the maximization of time and space was a happy life. We'll see if this can work in couplesdom. 

However, for those of us who do not have to deal with true poverty, it is a gift and privilege to choose less, as we oh so often forget that there is simply more than enough for all of us in this elegant blue green marble of a world. Happy Tuesday loves. Happy Tuesday.

Daily Quote:

“To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one's own in the midst of abundance.” - Gautama Buddha

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Twirling with Glee


Lani (and Abby), 
When I was young and broke and had just dropped out of college, I was invited by a boyfriend to leave Chicago and join him in NYC, where "we'll live like royalty".    I did and we did, and it really had nothing to do with money at all.  
I'm so excited to follow your blog and proud of your efforts to spend (and consume) less.    


...lovely. And what a lovely story. See you on Friday!


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