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Daily Connect: Living amongst those with whom you are destined to disagree?

Though we're more of a republic rather than an old-school participatory Greek democracy, the idea that public participation in crafting the laws that bind us is an essential aspect of what it means to be free is clear. This is never easy. It's never not contentious (double negative!). And the outcome is never guaranteed. Sometimes your views "lose;" sometime your views "win." And, as one writer has said, "What you discover in a democracy is that it is difficult to build a house when each nail has an opinion." But this is the duty of living peaceably amongst others with whom you are destined to disagree. Happy Tuesday loves - and go vote!

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The rationale for universal compassion is based on the same principle of spiritual democracy. It is the recognition of the fact that every living being has an equal right to and desire for happiness. - HHDL

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