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Daily Connect: The Brain Space of Meditation?

Sure meditation can be challenging, but we do it because a consistent and dedicated practice creates space: spaces between thoughts, space to watch thoughts, and space between impulses and actions so critical to help engage with the world mindfully and not reactively. But, meditation also creates real, physical "space": ramping up the limbic system (the emotional brain) and strengthening neural circuits for increased empathy and concentration:

But we already knew (or at least suspected) that. So sharpen up those meditating skillz as the brain science of meditation is THE new scientific darling and that, of course, means they're gonna need more and more test subjects. Fun!

Daily Quote:

“We all know that if you engage in certain kinds of exercise on a regular basis you can strengthen certain muscle groups in predictable ways. Strengthening neural systems is not fundamentally different. It’s basically replacing certain habits of mind with other habits.” - Richard Davidson

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