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Buddhist LibraryThis is the first entry in what I hope will be an ongoing fortnightly journal. While I am not formally a librarian of any sort, over the last few years I've compiled a fairly substantial cache of information (general interest and academic literature both) about every aspect of the many various Buddhist traditions, and a decent amount of information about related topics such as other South and East Asian philosophical and religious traditions and histories. 


I'd like to take whatever questions you, the reader, may have about these topics. They can be broad questions (How does karma work? or According to tradition, what is it like being a Buddha?) or more specific ones (Who is Shinran?).

What I can offer is an attempt to connect you with useful resources to explore your question (and in some cases I may actually be able to provide those resources). I may also attempt to summarize answers I find therein - we'll see.

If you're interested, please submit questions in the comments section or send them to dharmalibrarian [at] gmail [dot] com. I'll see what I'm able to respond to based on the volume.

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Wonderful Name

Hi Greg,

Great idea for a regular column!  I look forward to your recommendations.

("Dharma Librarian" could be a character in a Borges story . . . )



Cool, thank you very much, I'll keep an eye out for the future post. And I hope other people will chime in with their own questions too.

Great question, thanks! I

Great question, thanks! I certainly wouldn't say I've developed expertise in East Asian Buddhism - it's really the area I know the least about. But I do know how to sort the big pile of information I've assembled. And sifting through it is a pleasure, because there are few better ways to familiarize oneself with the topic.

I will provide some suggested reading for my next post - look out for it next week. Also, you may want to send an email to the address given above - there may be things I can send you. 

More questions welcome.

East Asian Buddhism

Dharma librarian: sounds like a cool new title! Since you've developed some expertise in East Asian Buddhism, maybe you can help me out. As you know, by far the dominant tradition of East Asia is Pure Land Buddhism. Can you recommend some good books on the subject? Perhaps especially in Japan, since that's always been of most interest to me (China and Korea are cool too, of course). I'm also interested in American Pure Land Buddhism, since it's really common here but I feel like we never hear about it. Thanks!

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