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What is True Healing?

The True Healing Program was developed as a training to help you relate to your body and mind with acceptance and openness, and discover a sense of peace and ease in your life which doesn't depend on eradicating pain or securing ideal circumstances. So many of us experience physical and emotional pain which we may be unable to fix despite our best efforts to do so. We feel frustrated, disappointed, perhaps even ashamed that we can't solve or correct our problems. Many of us spin our wheels for years trying to get better. We can feel disconnected from our bodies and isolated from others.

Experienced teachers Dan Cayer and Kimberly Brown (Executive Director here at IDP) will guide you in a unique blend of embodiment practices, lovingkindness meditation, discussion, and experiential exercises to transform experiences of suffering and stress into openness and self-acceptance, while approaching all aspects of ourselves with kindness, compassion, and wisdom.

The goal of this course is not to stay the same forever, rather that when we stop resisting the present moment, we truly begin to change.

This unique program will take place over 5 weeks starting in February 2018. Here’s what you’ll learn:

·       Mindfulness instruction and practice 

·       Body awareness and posture skills drawn from the Alexander Technique 

·       Lovingkindness meditation instruction and practice 

·       An understanding of self-compassion, self-acceptance, and equanimity 

·       Techniques to work with physical pain and discomfort 

·       Ways to activate your body's natural relaxation response 

·       Ways to work with difficult emotions 

·       Discussion of stress, its causes and prevention 

·       Two online video support meetings 

·       Admission to IDP’s monthly Half Day Meditation Retreat, to support and deepen your personal mindfulness practice

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